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The 21st Tangshan China Ceramics Expo opens on September 16 2018-09-12

On September 10th, from the press conference of the 21st Tangshan China Ceramics Expo held by Tangshan municipal government, it was learned that this expo will be held at Tangshan Municipal China Ceramics Expo Center from September 16 to 20.

This expo will be hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Light Industry Federation, Building Materials Federation, Hebei Provincial People’s Government, undertaken by Tangshan Municipal Government, co-hosted by China Ceramic Industry Association, Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, Economic Contact Center, Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, and specifically undertaken by China Ceramics Expo Center.

As of the end of August, the exhibition promotion of the 21st Ceramic Expo has been successfully completed. The main exhibition hall is divided into Tangshan specialty ceramics, building sanitary ceramics, international pavilion, national banquet porcelain, Taiwan pavilion, national ceramic production areas, art masters, etc. It consists of hundreds of artworks which from more than 200 companies and individuals from Korea, Bangladesh, France, Mongolia and other countries. The ceramics category includes daily porcelain, art porcelain, building sanitary porcelain, Yixing purple sand, and porcelain machinery, flower paper bone charcoal and other ceramic industries.

In terms of investment promotion, it is expected to increase by 20% compared with last year, and the international influence of Tangshan Ceramics Expo will be further improved. The domestic exhibition area covers important national production areas and kilns such as Jingdezhen, Yixing, Dehua and Zibo. Foreign exhibitors include more than 20 ceramic masters from more than 10 countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia, North Korea and France. The delegation also sent representatives from the Chinese Embassy to participate in this opening ceremony and related activities.

The 21st Ceramic Fair is not only a grand event for exhibitors, but also integrates 8 international groups including Korea Ceramics Association, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, Bangladesh Embassy in Beijing, Bangladesh Artists Delegation, and European Purchasing Group. There are more than 200 foreign-purchasing merchants. There are also many downstream resources including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association of Business Associations and Entrepreneur Purchasing Group. It is truly seamlessly connected to the exhibition and supply, and the upstream and downstream resources are deeply integrated.

The total exhibition area of the 21st Ceramic Fair is about 20,000 square meters, and the special exhibition area is more than 12,000 square meters. A total of 880 standard booths have been designed, which increases the number of 13 compared that of last year, and it is the highest ever. All exhibitors have intensively stepped up the construction. According to the specified time, the booth will be fully completed and delivered before September 14. The overall layout of the exhibition hall will become a highlight of this exhibition.

During the exhibition, different activities will be arranged every day in the main exhibition hall, including the opening ceremony, the 6th China Ceramics Masterpieces Exhibition Awards, and Tangshan Municipal Disabled Federation Cultural and Art Exhibition.