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Voyage Explorer of Tangshan creates a Miracle Again by Driving Panel Across the Bohai Sea for the First Time 2018-09-12

At 19:12 on September 9, Tangshan International Tourism Island had a fire-breathing on the beach of Xiangyun Bay. As the sails on the sea gradually grew from small to big, the people on the shore cheered up. “Come on! Yang Jianxin is coming back!” After 42 hours of sea voyage, the extremely exhausted Yang Jianxin set foot on the beach, accepting the flowers and wines handed by his relatives and friends, and celebrating his success in driving the windsurfing across the Bohai Sea.

Tang Jian, a voyage explorer who once created the “single-person, single-sail, no-stop, no-supply ring in China’s waters”, created a miracle on September 9 again. He sailed from Dongying of Shandong Province, after more than 13 hours of maritime navigation and on the evening of the same day, he set foot on the sunset and returned to Xiangyun Bay Beach in Tangshan International Tourism Island, realizing that Chinese voyage explorer successfully across the Bohai Sea for the first time.

On October 22, 2017, the voyage explorer Yang Jianxin once drove a 10-meter-long “Tangshan” keel sailboat from Xiangyun Bay pier of Tangshan International Tourism Island in Bohai Bay. After 32 days of sailing, he landed on the waters of Hainan Lingshui and successfully completed the feat of sailing around the Chinese sea.

At 5:30 in the morning, Yang Jianxin sailed from Dongying Old Yellow River in Shandong Province, which was 67 miles away from Tangshan International Tourism Island. However, due to uncertainties at sea, windsurfing can not go straight, which required about 100 nautical miles.

From the challenge to the success of the Chinese sea navigation, to today’s driving windsurfing successfully through the Bohai Sea, Yang Jianxin’s coach, Chinese senior sailing coach Song Yonghao called Yang Jianxin as “the first person in Chinese navigation.”

“At the appropriate time next year, I will launch the challenge of navigating the Antarctic, so that China will be concerned by the world’s maritime community!” Yang Jianxin said, whose shoulders were around the wreath.