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44 Pieces of Ceramic Works of the 6 China Ceramics Famous Works Exhibition Won Gold Medals 2018-09-20

On the afternoon of September 17, the 6th China Ceramics Famous Exhibition and 2018 Ceramics Appraisal Award Ceremony was held at Tangshan China Ceramics Expo Center. More than 300 pieces of works of 150 ceramic art masters from all over the country participated in the competition, and 44 pieces of ceramic works won gold medals.

Since 2013, China Ceramics Famous Exhibition and Ceramic Art and Design Competition have been held for six consecutive sessions. This is a high-level exhibition in the field of Chinese ceramic arts and crafts research. It is a feast for Chinese ceramic art talents to exchange ideas and show their true talents. The entries of this year’s famous Chinese ceramics masterpieces showcased the unique ceramic culture and crafts, which fully reflected the level of Chinese contemporary ceramic art.
Hua Fang’s porcelain painting Pensive won the gold medal. Hua Fang is an associate professor of Tangshan Institute of Industrial Technology. Her work Contemplation was completed by using the “manufacturing process of a bone china medium-temperature vitrified crystal glaze”, which has obtained the national invention patent. The overall effect of the work is crystal clear and transparent, and it breaks through the two-dimensional decoration method of bone china, and realizes three-dimensional decoration of the three-dimensional space of bone china, which has strong visual impact and fashionable art sense. This is the first time for Hua Fang to participate in the evaluation of famous Chinese ceramics masterpieces. She said, “It is an accident to win the gold medal in the first competition, which benefits from the college provides a broad space for the professional development of teachers.”