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Tangshan Weekend Caofeidian International Puffer Fish Festival to Be Held Around “October 1” 2018-09-21

 Around “October 1”, another feast of taste and vision is about to come! It is learned from the press conference of Tangshan Municipal Government held yesterday that Tangshan Weekend Caofeidian International Puffer Fish Festival will be held from September 28 to October 8. The main venue is located in Duoma Paradise area of Caofeidian District, and there is 38 branch venues.

Tangshan Weekend Caofeidian International Puffer Fish Festival is hosted by China Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association, People’s Government of Caofeidian District, Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Tangshan Municipal Tourism Bureau. The theme of this activity is to “seek the taste of puffer fish king and food of Caofeidian”, aiming to promote the brand of “Tangshan Weekend and flying you and me”, deepen the cultural connotation of puffer fish food, enlarge “puffer fish economy”, and cultivate the characteristic brand and consuming point of Caofeidian “the hometown of Chinese puffer fish (fugu rubripes), enriching the food culture resources of the city and displaying the essence of traditional and innovative diet.
During the Festival, Caofeidian will organize “A million people support the banquet of buffer fish”, Caofeidian tourism promotion conference, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei non-legacy performance, Chinese and foreign puffer fish cooking skill exchange meeting, breeding puffer group standard certification meeting, Yipin Caofeidian and fancy puffer fish food cooking competition, 5 km puffer town fishing competition, literary Caofeidian and puffer fish culture and art exhibition, etc. In other counties (cities) of Tangshan City, thematic restaurant activities will also be held simultaneously.
According to Zhang Hongjiang, deputy director of Tangshan Tourism Bureau, there are three highlights in this food festival: the first one is to build the largest puffer fish culture festival in Tangshan, and set up 100 booths in the hall outside the scenic spot of the event, which is mainly based on the master chefs to create a puffer fish feast, bringing together Tangshan local specialties and domestic and international specialties; the second one is that during the event, a number of measures to benefit the people will be provided, and visitors will enjoy the benefits, such as donation of Duoma paradise scenic spot tickets, puffer fish free tasting coupons, food pass coupons, vouchers and the sale of Tangshan people-benefit card; and the third one is the scope of activities is wide: during the food festival, 36 major catering enterprises in all counties (cities) of Tangshan City will launch puffer-style dishes and related promotional activities to create a puffer fish food festival atmosphere.