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First Farmer Harvest Festival and Flower Countryside Fruit Alley Autumn Picking and Walking Assembly in Tangshan Started 2018-09-27

 Pyrus ussuriensis and walnuts covering hillsides, the autumn wind sends a refreshing harvest. On September 21, the first farmer harvest festival and flower countryside and fruit alley autumn picking and walking assembly in Tangshan started at Qianxi Flower Fragrance and Fruit Assembly Countryside Complex.

Approved by the Central Party Committee and State Council, from this year, the annual autumn equinox will be established as “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival.” The First Farmers’ Harvest Festival held in Tangshan City focused on the display of Ruitai raspberry, Dongya kiwi, peony seed oil, pollen, chestnut, walnut, bitter celery, chestnut mushroom and other special agricultural products, as well as the progress of green ecological agriculture and the effectiveness of agricultural and rural reform. Modern agricultural development achievements, etc., interspersed with performances such as backs, yangko and other programs that farmers like, showing the spirit of the new era of new farmers.
This assembly was hosted by Tangshan Municipal People’s Government, undertaken by Qianxi County People’s Government, and co-organized by Tangshan Supply and Marketing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Qianxi County Agricultural Industry Association.