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Tangshan City Received 1.206 Million Tourists During the Mid-Autumn Festival 2018-09-28

 During the three-day holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival, the weather was refreshing and the tourism market of Tangshan City operated smoothly. A total of 1.206 million tourists were received and the tourism income was 1.12 billion yuan, an increase of 30.2% and 42% respectively.

During the festival, the city’s tourism products were colorful, and the leisure atmospheres such as coastal tourism, mountain tourism, rural tourism and urban tourism were heavy. The Mid-Autumn Festival also effectively warmed up the “October 1st” Golden Week tourism market.
The tourism management departments of Tangshan City and counties strengthened market supervision, issued tips for mid-autumn holidays, and actively guided tourists to have a safe travel, civilized travel, and rational consumption. Throughout the holidays, the city’s tourism market was safe, stable, orderly, and happy.