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Qiemo Promoted Tourism in Tangshan 2018-09-28

 On the morning of September 26, the “Affection Between Tangshan and Qiemo and Combination Between Culture and Tourism” was held at Macrolink Pullman Hotel. At the promotion meeting, the participants watched the end of the tourism publicity theme film, and the relevant comrades in the last tourism department introduced the location advantages, natural endowments, tourism resources, history and culture, and customs, especially introduced the tourism routes of Xinjiang, Bazhou and Qiemo, and sincerely invited friends from all walks of life in Tangshan to experience the rich regional customs and multiculturalism of Qiemo.

Tangshan City and Qiemo County, Xinjiang Bayin Guoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture are counterpart support units. In the past eight years, Tangshan and Qiemo have joined hands, pragmatically cooperated with each other and had a deep affection. It is located at the southeastern edge of Tarim Basin, Kunlun Mountain and the northern foot of the Altun Mountains. It has a total area of 140,25 thousand square kilometers. It is the second largest county in China. It is backed by Mount Kunlun, “the ancestor of thousands of mountains”, and the foot of Taklimakan Desert, “the sea of death”. Therefore, Qiemo County is known as the “Pearl of Sand Sea”. At the end of the vast territory, water and soil heat, oil and gas, minerals and tourism resources are very rich, especially rich in jade, 70% of the country’s jade mountain material are from here, which is the supply of white jade, green white jade production base. Qiemo has a long history, and has a dense cultural heritage, which is the birthplace of the “Jade Road” and the southern road of the “Silk Road”. The rich natural features and cultural landscape attract endless Chinese and foreign tourists and explorers.
Nearly 300 people attended the promotion meeting, including directly related departments and relevant county (city) division management responsible comrades, key travel agencies, tourism cultural and creative enterprises representatives and media representatives.