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South Lake Scenic Area Received Nearly 1.2 Million Tourists During the “October 1” Golden Week 2018-10-08

 During the “October 1” golden week in 2018, Tangshan South Lake Scenic Area solemnly held the “South Lake” Costume Opening Ceremony and National Day Golden Week Music Light and Shadow Tour Activity. The activities were splendid, extremely hot and popular, attracting visitors from lots of places with a total of 1,196,968 visitors within 7 days.

“South Lake Times” opening event is based on light show, shadow theme park, romantic road, cuisine culture museum, football theme hotel, South Lake football park and other projects, with service facilities upgrade, special business development, scenic spots and cultural squares. More than 50 fine cultural events with 7 different themes during the National Day, for the general public and tourists from all over the world, a cultural feast with rich content, bright spots and full of charm, a brand-new South Lake, a beautiful South Lake, and exciting activities. South Lake is presented to the mass tourists.