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Tourists During National Day Holiday in Tangshan Broke A Record 2018-10-10

During the National Day holiday, the tourism market in our city was hot, and the number of tourists broke a record. A total of 3.854 million tourists were received, and the total tourism revenue was 3.813 billion yuan, increased 43.5% and 46.2% respectively.

Festival activities are hot. Tangshan “South Lake Times” Grand Opening and National Day Golden Week Music Light and Shadow Tour detonated South Lake scenic spot, float parade, music festival, more than 2 million point light source composed of light show with 10,000 people singing a song, Beijing-Tianjin-Qian youth Football matches and other activities were splendid, with nearly 1.2 million visitors, a year-on-year increase of 780%, of which the peak of single-day passenger flow reached 220,000. CCTV news broadcast, news live, China News, and Oriental Time and Space reported the grand conditions of South Lake, which were popular on WeChat and friends circle with a good market response; Caofeidian International Puffer Food Festival drove the reception of Duoma entertainment park and Puffer Town to show a spurt of growth, fishing, digging clams, fish finding, puffer fish tasting and other experiential leisure tourism were popular and a total of 52,000 tourists were received; Luanzhou Ancient City traversing show, lighting show and other national day seven-day music series activities, attracted 118,200 people to go shopping, taste food and participate in the theme activities, which enhanced the happiness of the visitors experience.
The tourism products are rich and colorful. “International Online Sensation Island, Golden Autumn Seafood Festival” landed on Tangshan International Tourism Island. Singing and dancing performances, seafood food exchange, net online sensation broadcast, zen tea fragrance road, praying for the blessing and other activities promoted the island tourism to a new climax, receiving 10,040,000 tourists; Kailuan National Mine Park, Industrial Museum, Steam Locomotive Sightseeing Park and other industrial tourism products benefit the people, and tourists increased by 25% on year-on-year basis; Qian’an Huangdi Cultural Theme Study Tour, Qianxi Mount Jingzhong Golden Autumn Tour Mountain Club; and the occupancy rate of Zunhua Tangquan Palace was always 100%.
Rural tourism is booming. “China Farmers Harvest Festival” continues to be hot, the large-scale real-life lighting exhibition in the Yekou Mountain Scenic Area, the high-enclosed embroidered square “October First” happy purchase, the hanging Yunshan Red Leaves Golden Autumn Picking Festival, Zunhua Phoenix Ridge Red Leaf Tour and many activities are available to allow visitors to enjoy their leisure time. The snack streets of mountains in Zunhua, educated youths courtyards and other characteristic home stay, red porcelain works exhibition, and Nanshan Changle Valley Pine Forest Crossing have become the highlights of rural tourism. During the 7-day holiday, the rural tourism reception in Tangshan City has achieved nearly one million people.