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“Made in Tianjin” Train of CRRC Tangshan Company Operated 2018-10-26

On October 22, the Tianjin Metro Line 5 officially opened for trial operation from Danhe North Road Station to the Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital Station. The 31-column stainless steel B-type metro train developed by CRRC Tangshan Company operated for the first time on this new line running through from north to south of Tianjin, which significantly improved the efficiency of Tianjin rail transit network operation and made the general public of Tianjin travel more conveniently.

Tianjin Metro Line 5 has a total length of 35 kilometers and 28 stations. The operation time is 17 hours and 40 minutes per day, which sets a new record for domestic metro operation. The 31-column stainless steel B-type metro train of Tianjin Metro Line 5 is developed by CRRC Tangshan Company and produced by CRRC Tangshan Company of Tianjin, adopting the top configuration of domestic similar products. It has advanced technology, energy-saving, environmental protection, and good maintainability. A number of technologies and performance indicators occupy the advanced level among the world.
CRRC Tangshan Company of Tianjin located in Dongli District is the only rail vehicle manufacture and maintenance base with complete product line and an important export base for CRRC in Tianjin. It has built a base for the technical research and development, manufacture and maintenance of metro vehicles, intercity vehicles and export of high grade vehicles as main business. The base uses stainless steel research and development center as the main technology platform. Besides, it has the capacity to newly build and overhaul 1,200 urban rail vehicles every year.
It is reported that Metro Line 5 is the southeast half ring line of Tianjin’s central city. It passes through the administrative districts of Beichen, Hebei, Hedong, Hexi, Nankai and Xiqing. It forms a closed loop with Line 6 in the central area of Tianjin. The citizens can arrive at Tianjin North Railway Station, Tianjin West Railway Station, Zoo, Cultural Center, Convention and Exhibition Center, etc. by subway. It opened the trial operation and opened up the “Rendu Ermai” of Tianjin urban rail transit network. It is very convenient for people to travel or explore the scenic spots of Tianjin.