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The First Academician Workstation of the Medical System of Tangshan City Was Established 2018-10-30

On October 26, the workstation of Academician Zhou Liangfu, the Affiliated Hospital of North China University of Science and Technology, was officially established and became the first academician workstation of the medical system of Tangshan City.

Academician Zhou Liangfu is a famous neurosurgery expert in China. Currently, he is the director, professor and doctoral tutor of neurosurgery at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. He was awarded the “Guanghua Medicine Award” and has a good reputation in the medical field. After the establishment of the Academician Zhou Liangfu’s workstation, Academician Zhou Liangfu and his team will give full play to their technical and resource advantages, set up a medical cooperation group, carry out medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and personnel training, strengthen the discipline construction, which will comprehensively improve the clinical medical level of neurosurgery, and actively carry out scientific research cooperation etc.
The workstation is a positive development made by Tangshan City to promote the “Phoenix Talents Program”, which will promotes the development of medical technology innovation of Tangshan City and provides better medical services for the people of Tangshan.