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Hangu Attracts Multiple Tianjin Projects 2018-10-31

A few days ago, the Hangu Management District held a centralized signing ceremony of the key projects to promote the Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development demonstration district. The nine projects signed include equipment manufacturing, food processing, enterprise bases, service trade and characteristic towns and other fields, with a total investment of 1.186 billion yuan in accord. It is learned that these projects have four distinctive features: the stationing of multiple industry field projects, multiple industry leaders, multiple technology-based industries, and multiple Tianjin projects.

In recent years, Hangu Management District has based on reality, around the undertaking of Beijing-Tianjin industrial transfer, precise planning promotion, precise investment promotion, full service guarantee, creating a regional characteristic industrial system, and better transforming location advantages into synergistic development results. Eight of the nine projects signed this time are Tianjin industrial transfer projects, which fully demonstrate a solid step for the coordinated development of Hangu and Tianjin.