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Luannan Won Two Certification Trademarks of Geographical Indications 2018-11-02

Recently, the “Luannan Braised Shrimp Oil” and “Luannan Dried Shrimps” declared by the Luannan County Seafood Processing Association were officially approved by Trademark Office of the State Administration of Markets and became certification trademarks of Chinese geographical indications.

Luannan County is a famous coastal county in Hebei Province. The southern coastal area of Luannan is rich in aquatic products. The Luannan dried shrimp is made of wild white shrimp in this area. The wild white shrimp has the characteristics of large size, good color, full meat, delicious taste, and good reputation. Luannan braised shrimp oil is fermented with fresh shrimp and salt, which is rich in various amino acids and a variety of trace elements needed by human body. It is suitable for seasoning and freshening of dishes. Luannan dried shrimps and Luannan braised shrimp oil are popular among people and are sold throughout the country. Besides, they are exported to South Korea and Japan.
At present, the total number of registered trademarks in Luannan County has reached 1,782, including 480 agricultural trademarks and 3 certification trademarks of Chinese geographical indications and the number of them is in the forefront of Tangshan City.