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Caofeidian Signed 131 Beijing-Tianjin Projects 2018-11-06

As the largest high-nickel ternary precursor which is under construction in China and the world’s largest high-purity cerium oxide research and development and production base, China Metallurgical Ruimu New Materials Project is about to be commissioned. The total investment of the project is 3.69 billion yuan and covers an area of 402,667 square meters. The previous formalities were made within only 45. From the official start to the main process plant, the use of 109 days of capping has created a new record for the investment and construction speed of Beijing-Tianjin and central enterprises in Caofeidian, Hebei.

As one of the four strategic cooperation functional zones for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial transfer key platform, Caofeidian regards the business environment as an important development foundation and attracts investment advantages, provides convenient, efficient and high-quality services for the settled enterprises. Since the beginning of this year, Caofeidian has signed 131 Beijing-Tianjin projects, an increase of 52% on year-on-year basis.
The relocated enterprises were settled in one step.
For the settlement of Beijing’s relocated enterprises, Caofeidian implemented the “landing sign” policy for the overall relocation of existing enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and relaxed the registration conditions for market entities. The existing enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei moved to Caofeidian as a whole, as long as they submitted the proof of the new address. And they can go through the change registration first.
Beijing Dongbang Door Industry Co., Ltd., which moved to Caofeidian as a whole, enjoyed the “landing sign” policy of the original registered name of the company. It took only more than three months from registration to completion. After settled in Caofeidian, the company achieved transformation and upgrading, the products went to the high end, and the production capacity doubled.
Beijing Urban Construction Heavy Industry New Energy Vehicle Project settled in Caofeidian, which is a focus on the business environment here. The project was signed in April 2016 and started its construction in May. The main body was completed in the same year, and it was officially put into operation in July of the following year. It took less than one and a half years.
Since this year, Caofeidian has attracted a large number of high-quality enterprises to settle down. On August 2, at the investment promotion conference of Caofeidian Collaborative Development Demonstration Zone in Beijing, Beijing Jingliang Logistics Co., Ltd. signed a contract with 16 projects including Jingliang Logistics Caofeidian Comprehensive Insurance Zone Import and Export Cold Chain Logistics Project. The total investment reached 32.948 billion yuan.