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400 Enterprises in Tangshan City Participated in the First China International Import Expo 2018-11-08

The first China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai on the 5th of this month. At the Expo, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized 400 companies and nearly 1,000 people attended the conference. Tangshan City is using the national platform of the Expo to further accelerate Tangshan consumption upgrading, industrial upgrading, trade upgrading, and open upgrading.

It is reported that in order to do a good job in the participation of buyers in Tangshan City, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce conscientiously implemented the requirements of the municipal party committee and the municipal government to do a good job in the first import expo, encouraged all kinds of enterprises to actively participate, actively register, and timely introduced the first international import expo. The Municipal Bureau of Commerce has adopted a combination of voluntary registration and qualification review to determine the list of buyers. A total of 400 companies including service trade, machinery manufacturing, trade circulation, food and daily necessities have successfully registered.
In order to improve the “precise matching” between supply and demand during the Expo, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the Tangshan Trading Group to comprehensively grasp the exhibitor’s dynamics through various channels, and timely communicate the exhibitor information and the requirements of the Expo Bureau to the counties, districts and enterprises before the Expo. At the same time, according to the actual development of Tangshan’s industry, the bureau makes the best use of the circumstances. It will release the list of exhibitors, products categories and contact information in the seven major exhibition areas covering intelligent equipment, automobiles, consumer electronics and home appliances, medical equipment and medical and health care, clothing and apparel, daily consumer goods, food and service trade. Besides, they will guide each transaction group to carry out the procurement docking of registered enterprise exhibitors, and deeply explore the intention of the transaction.
In the next step, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will make every effort to safeguard the organizational guarantee and transaction statistics of the enterprises, which have participated the expo in Shanghai, actively expand the import of high-end production equipment and high-quality consumer goods, boost the industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading of Tangshan,  improve the development level of Tangshan’s open economy, and add new vitality to economic development of Tangshan.
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