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Throughput of Tangshan Port Exceeded 500 Million Tons From January to October 2018-11-08

 According to the information released by the Municipal Transportation Bureau, from January to October this year, the total cargo throughput of Tangshan Port was 515.59 million tons, rising by 7.42% year on year.

Among them, foreign trade throughput was 220.31 million tons, decreasing by 11.58% year on year; coal throughput was 21.06 million tons, rising by 44.19% year on year; ore throughput was 182.16 million tons, decreasing by 14.50% year on year; oil, natural gas and product throughput was 19.11 million tons, rising by 25.77%; the steel throughput was 44.03 million tons, decreasing by 8.08% year on year; and the container throughput was 2339481 TEU, rising by 20.44% year on year.
According to the port area, from January to October, the cargo throughput of Caofeidian Port Area was 269.2 million tons, rising by 13.14% year on year; and the cargo throughput of Jingtang Port Area was 246.39 million tons, rising by 1.78% year on year.