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Lvxin Agriculture to Create the National “Melon and Tomato King” 2018-11-28

investment of 70 million yuan and is a national high-tech enterprise. Since its establishment in 2013, the company’s goal has always been clear: it is to rely on the location and industrial advantages of Laoting County to build a high-quality agricultural product production and service platform, and to build the enterprise into the “melon and tomato king” of China.

Lvxin Agriculture is located in the south of Hantuo Village in Laoting County. There are four experimental demonstration bases. 2,000 mu of land are planted with tomatoes, melons, cherries, nectarines, apples and other fruits and vegetables, of which the number of apple trees planted alone has reached 80,000. The fruit and vegetable breeding base covering an area of 110 mu and investing 32.8 million yuan is the core of the enterprise. Walking into the greenhouse of Lvxin agriculture, we can see green everywhere, and green tomatoes have not yet matured from the trunk to the branches. Nowadays, there are 10 experimental varieties of these tomatoes grown in the greenhouse, all of which are imported from Japan. During the planting process, physical deworming and bumblebee pollination are used. After ripening, both the shape and the taste are good. Every year, the base plants more than 100 new varieties of vegetables and fruits are introduced at home and abroad. Finally, the products suitable for domestic cultivation will be selected for plantation.
After several years of development, Lvxin Agriculture has been appraised as the construction undertaking enterprise of the modern agricultural park around the city (provincial level) in Laoting County, the small and medium-sized technological enterprise in Hebei Province, the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Tangshan City and the national high-tech enterprise. The company plans to integrate 5,000 households by 2020 to reach 15 million kilograms of fruit and vegetables per year, and gradually become the first in the country in the field of fruits and tomatoes.