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CRRC Tangshan Company Won the China Excellent Industrial Design Gold Award 2018-11-30

Recently, the 2018 China Excellent Industrial Design Awards Ceremony was held in Wuhan. At the award ceremony, the industrialized platform bullet train developed by CRRC Tangshan Company won the China Excellent Industrial Design Gold Award, which is the highest award in the national industrial design field. And this is the first time that China’s rail transit equipment companies has won the award. After successfully debuting in Berlin, the industrialized platform bullet train won the honor of the national industrial design community, and the world once again witnessed the wisdom of the people of CRRC Tangshan Company.

The industrialized platform bullet train is designed and produced according to the standards of the China bullet train, and is a member of the “Big Family” of the China Standard bullet train. The design of the multi-purpose head car, the reclining soft sleeper, the business seat car, the double-decker car, etc. on the train is novel. The design of the double-decker dining truck combined with the first combination of catering and freight has been achieved compared to the traditional bullet train. In operation, the industrialized platform bullet train can be matched with the carriages in the range of 2 to 16 knots like ordinary passenger cars, breaking the block of high-speed trains fixed in the world for more than half a century. The passenger capacity can exceed 1,500 passengers, which is good for dealing with the huge passenger flow of the Spring Festival, summer transportation or hot high-speed rail lines. In addition, it can also be used to set up a VIP train with only two fronts, which is fast, flexible, efficient and convenient. In terms of overhaul, the industrialized platform bullet train can separately take out the faulty vehicles for repairing, or disassemble and repair the head cars, trains and trailers in different workshops at the same time, which can greatly reduce the standby rate.
At present, the industrialized platform bullet train with its own independent intellectual property rights, which was pioneered by CRRC Tangshan Company, has applied for 80 national patents. This is the first time in the history of China’s railway manufacturing that the supply-side structural reform dominated by the manufacturer’s demand, redefining “China Creation”.